In this 90min Zoom Webinar we will be diving into the 7 main aspects of creating a sacred earth-honouring ceremony including:

~ Creating Sacred Space ~

:: Altar Design
:: Seven Directions
:: Multidimensional Support

~ Ceremony Design ~

:: Invocations
:: Heart Coherence
:: Ceremony Content
:: Closings
Let's Activate!

About Your Facilitator: 

Melanie Kay has dedicated her life to a path of service and to Earth’s Ascension. She has completed Earth Activations at all of the major chakras and countless ley line points on the Planet, heart-streaming and channeling light codes to ground new consciousness into the Earth. In the training for this mission, she has held the roles of Somatic Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Galactic High Priestess, Crystalline Grid Mechanic, Ascension Researcher and Ascension Wayshower.
She is elated to be sharing her passion and wisdom on this topic.